Episode 11: Ready or Not, Here comes “The Talk”

The sex talk. Admittedly, my wife and I have been dragging our feet on telling our 10-year-old son about it. That all changed when he overheard us mention it one time while scanning the IMDB app on the iPad. Pretty soon he figured out that “the talk” was the only thing standing between him and the shows he wanted to watch. That’s when he started putting the full court press on his mother and me.

It’s a weird thing having your son start asking you repeatedly to have “the talk” like he’s begging for a new video game. Even though I wasn’t sure I wanted to have the talk just yet, I was very sure I wanted to record everything just in case.

As it turns out we did have the talk with Cody. And I recorded it. Right along with the talks I had with Shannon. And even one with my dad. That was a doozy. Let me tell you. And all in the name of producing quality entertainment.

Andrew and I stitched together a narrative and pieced together the episode to share with the world. And the result, is nothing short of awesome. My pain is your pleasure. Enjoy.

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