Episode 21: The Superhuman Power of the MC1R Gene

Not everyone can be born superhuman. But some of us can. And for those of us born with red hair (MC1R gene) we know this to be the truth. With powers ranging from super speed to an amazing ability to make pancakes super fast, red heads around the world are a real life version of X-Men come to life. For real.

Until now this has been a very tightly held secret. Merely mentioning the existence of this power is enough to get someone thrown right out of the secret society. So you may be wondering why on earth we’d be willing to reveal the truth. It all comes down to human nature.

You see, we are going on record telling you the secret details of the superhuman red head gene. We share a number of reds in the public light and demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt why they do, in fact, have super powers. But you won’t believe us. Nobody will.

And that’s precisely why we can share it. You’ll listen to the show, have a good laugh, and promptly carry on about your day. Never for a single moment will you even consider we might be telling you the truth.

So go ahead and have a laugh and get back to your espresso. But if I were you I’d treat a red head extra special from now on just in case. You never know.

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