Episode 23: New Dads Do’s & Don’ts

Babies. There comes a time in every dad’s life when he realizes that new little roommate is not going away. Every morning it’s the same thing. Over and over again.

Go look in the crib and yep, just as suspected that runt hasn’t gone anywhere. And adjusting to this new reality can be extremely challenging. Especially for those dads experiencing it for the first time.

There are doctor visits, diaper changes, sleepless nights, diaper changes, breast pumping (real thing), diaper changes, car seats, diaper changes and the list goes on. Did I mention diaper changes?

Well lucky for those guys we’ve been there, done that. And in this episode we reveal the things new dads should do and the things they should definitely not do. Ever. Not ever, ever, ever.

The show’s a little¬†long this time but we felt it important to cover the topic thoroughly. Our goal is to sufficiently prepare these guys for what lies ahead. Plus we may have spent a little time goofing off too. As usual.

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