Episode 29: Interview with GX Knight – Metal Deep

Memory lane can be fun to visit. Especially when you bump into someone as cool as Matt Simpson (a.k.a. GX Knight). He spent some time working with Brent during his restaurant management days and their paths cross again in this episode. And he doesn’t hesitate to dish the dirt on working with Brent as a boss.

Matt is the author of a super cool novella series Metal Deep with a universe that includes cyborg vampires and super hero zombies. Ok. Maybe I made that last part up. But a guy can dream right?

Truth be told the series of five books he has written have it all. They are chock full of of action with just the right amount of emotion to keep you connected to the characters. A job well done.

And he’s accomplished all of this as a single dad with a full time restaurant job. Did I mention he’s written five books? He shares his experiences of both as well as throwing down the Halo gauntlet with his son at Brent and Cody. It’s a whole lot of fun and super inspiring.

Check out his website or find his books on Amazon today!

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