Episode 31: Mouth on Fire – with Scott Roberts

In this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Roberts of the Firecast podcast. Scott is a self-admitted “chilehead” and has eaten pure capsaicin on not one, but three separate occasions. Just for the bragging rights. This guy is insane.

Naturally this makes Brent extremely jealous and he inquires about ingesting this hot pepper tongue-melter himself. But then, he can barely eat wings with regular old sriracha without having a sneezing attack 20 minutes later. So maybe he should leave the capsaicin to the experts.

Brent aspires to be a ghost-pepper“chilehead” himself one day and may well take Scott’s advice of starting out with a sliver of a bona-fide ghost pepper. The jury is out on how this will all turn out.

Scott also shares his wisdom about BBQ and grilling in this episode as well. He’s a real aficionado. Brent would love to follow in his footsteps, but Andrew… not so much. He’s kind of a wimp when it comes to hot sauce. Any guesses as to who’s writing the show notes this week?

By the end of the episode Andrew starts coming around and both dads are prepared to try ghost pepper hot sauce as a challenge. And they will video record the whole thing for your amusement. All in the name of entertainment.

Visit Scott’s website to learn more including a scoville scale for hot sauces. Awesome.

Brought to you by: Dada – Jimmy Fallon

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