Episode 33: If You Give a Kid a Lightsaber – Action Movie Kid

Ever fantasize about inserting yourself into awesome sci-fi scenes with special effects wizardry? Well, that’s exactly what Daniel Hashimoto has done. A former Dreamworks Studio animator, Daniel has translated his passion for making CGI magic into a full time pursuit with his own son at the center.

In this interview, he tells us how he went from just playing around with some video effects to literally millions of views on YouTube for his Action Movie Kid episodes. He said the day he got a call at work telling him the first video hit 1 million views was a shock to say the least.

And more fans are added every day. It has become an Internet sensation. Heck, even Toys R Us got in the game and had Daniel create a cool commercial for them. Tune in to hear more about this Digital Dad putting the lightsaber in his own kid’s hands.

Brought to you by: Dada – Jimmy Fallon

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